Types of Shows


You need to impress your clients or throw a celebration that your employees will never forget!  Our corporate shows use our best stage performances to grab their attention and leave them with excitement.  You can use this excitement and attach it with an important company speech afterwards.


Love is symbolically represented as an everlasting fire.  We can use that symbolism to create a thoughtful and memorable performance for the bridge and groom.  If you have a story about them, we can use elements of their story in our performance.We can do a sophisticated suit-and-tie fire show or an exciting high energy show.  Whichever you chose, we will celebrate the first day of their lives together with a customized and unforgettable show.


Some events are very focused on themes.  We've done circus, venetian, tribal, mayan end of the world parties to name a few.  If you have a themed event, contact us and we can get customized costumes and make up to blend in... and then add the amazing element of fire!Other themes may include elements (air, earth, fire or water), beach parties, holiday, visionary art, Mardi Gras, Hollywood and more. If there's a theme, we can match it.


We love to rock the festivals.  Our unique style of fire dancing captivates audiences with our selection of big fire, contortion, acrobatics, high speed mesmerizing flow and story telling.

Shopping Centers

How are you going to bring major attention to your store?  Grand opening?  Special event?  Let us create an ambient fire performance.  This style of fire dancing works like a magnet, and is meant to attract the crowds focus to you and your company.  This works wonderfully to promote any event or product.


You're having a party and want to surprise your guests or friends.  Fire dancing will leave them astounded and create unforgettable memories.  This works best either as a grand finale for the night or midway through the party as a way to bring the excitement level above and beyond. 

Film / Media

You music video or film needs more pizazz but you're not sure how to accomplish that.  Let us create a custom performance to add more edge or creativity to your film.  Fire can create a tribal atmosphere.  Aerials can be graceful.  It can also be intense and awe inspiring.


Nightclubs have an incredibly responsive audience because they have come to be entertained.  Many of them are not expecting to see a whirlwind of amazing fire and flow, but when they do, the response is immense. Our goal with nightclubs is often to raise the energy through the roof!  Once our show is over, that energy almost always lasts throughout the rest of the night!We use different tools for different stage sizes, small to large. 

Street Shows

If you need add a great variety of arts and entertainment for your event, our street shows can help.  Street shows are great ways to fascinate the audience while performing on a level that is more personable and reachable.  We talk with the crowd, perform tricks to engage their excitement and build fun shows that are perfect for entertaining families.

Other Events

There are hundreds of events and we can't possibly cover them in one page.  Whatever the event is, we can tailor a show around it.  Simply contact us with the details and if you have an idea, where we fit in those details.  Perhaps you don't know.  That's perfectly alright too as we are used to blending and customizing shows for each venue.Contact us and let us know details.  We will make your event soar!


Quality Service

Omaha Circus Arts performers are available for hire anywhere.  Use this page to discover how we can help you make the most unforgettable event.  We can make a show around almost any event.  If you're unsure, no stress!  Contact us and tell us about your event.  We can use our experience to customize the perfect show around your event and your budget.

Special Requests

Because we tailor to many different events and shows, we often get asked about special requests for performances or hiring performers that are not in the catalog.  The rule of thumb is, always ask!  We work with a wide network of artists.  Our catalog features our prized acts but we have more talent in the background. 

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