Why Hire Flowtricks Entertainers?


Dedication to our performances have won our artists international competitions, featured in worldwide fire spinning DVDs, teaching in Costa Rica and India, creating one of a kind shows with never-before-seen props, writing for fire arts magazines, writing safety criteria for numerous festivals and performed at the front stage of major music festivals. We don't sit still and are constantly improving our craft. We're probably training as you're reading this right now! Hire us and you get performers who are passionately dedicated to making and improving big shows.


We make the process easy from start to end because all performers arrive to your event on time, dressed up, friendly, and prepared. Flowtricks Entertainment performers are carefully screened for their professionalism, safety and wow factor.

Highly Skilled

The Flowtricks Entertainment team mentioned above alone has over 60+ combined years of training in martial arts, acrobatics, dancing, flow arts and fire spinning. Their skills extend far beyond spinning fire and it makes our shows all the more exciting to watch!


There are several variables such as indoor, tight spaces, themed, surprise fire shows and more. Because of this, we offer a variety of solutions for different scenarios. We customize each show to make them shine. It's okay if you are uncertain. That's what we're here for! Just let us know the details and we can weave a show around it.


Not only do all artists perform but most have instructed at major fire festivals across America (and some go beyond). All artists know the ins and outs of their craft so your mind can rest at ease. We will use our experience to adapt to nearly any situation and make the show safe, exciting and memorable for all. Imagine the excitement of your guests when we take the stage and blow their minds.

Are you ready to get started?

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